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Common Fusebox Problems To Look Out For

Common Fusebox IssuesA fuse box (sometimes referred to as a breaker panel) represents the electrical “central nervous system” of your home. While these are highly reliable pieces of equipment, there can still be times when problems will occur. These must be addressed by a trained professional for safety reasons. It is nonetheless a good idea to take a look at some common signals that expert help is required. Let’s examine a handful of symptoms that should be diagnosed by a licensed electrician.

Fuses that Frequently Trip for no Apparent Reason 

Fuses are meant to protect a home and all associated equipment from electrical overloads. There can be times when a fuse trips or “blows” frequently and subsequently needs to be reset. This is often a symptom of bad wiring or a short circuit contained within the box. An electrician will be able to discover the exact root of this problem.

Fuses that are Loose or Fall Out 

Fuses are meant to sit within their terminals snugly. However, there are times when one or more becomes loose. This might signal that the terminals have become corroded or otherwise mechanically impaired. Once again, always seek the advice of an expert as opposed to trying to sort the problem out yourself.

Melted Fuses and/or Burnt Terminals 

This is a definite signal that something is awry. Burnt fuses or melted terminals are the result of overheating; a sign that there is a serious problem with the fuse box. If you happen to notice this symptom, call Pulse Electrix as soon as possible. Our electricians in Manchester are more than happy to be of assistance.

Strange Smells or Sounds Emitting from the Fuse Box 

Have you recently noticed strange hissing or popping noises coming from the fuse box? Does it emit a strong or acrid odour? These are concrete signs that there is a serious internal issue. Once again, do not wait to speak with a professional. Such problems will not disappear on their own and in severe cases, a fire could occur.

A fuse box is one of the most important electrical components within your home, so it only makes sense that regular maintenance and safety checks are critical. Please do not hesitate to use this article as a quick checklist if you suspect that an issue may be present. Finally, always employ the services of a fully licensed and insured electrician.

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