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What is Pulse Connex?

This is a new networking group to allow business professions to come together to assist in helping each other with great connections and helping each other build and grow the business portfolio.


Why Connex?

Well it all started in 2020 during the Pandemic, it was really challenging for our business development manager to promote Pulse Electrix. We didn’t want to lose confidence and wanted to keep socializing.

So we created events via zoom: Quizzes, Online coffee mornings, Netwalks and it progressed to in person events in 2021 with Lunches, more netwalks and in person coffee mornings too.

Safe to say We met a fair share of connections throughout this journey online and in person and still build on these today.

With Pulse brand staying strong, Pulse Connex is Connecting other businesses together which is where the wording was formed. We decided to take the leap and form our very own industry community close to home.

Within Pulse Connex, you will build strong relationships, be able to invite guests, introduce yourself within 60 seconds every 2 weeks, organise 1:1’s, understand other businesses through their presentations, be given industry knowledge and a chance to network and start your day right. It really is and can be great with what each member will put in. There will be one seat per company per discipline and several seats are mentioned within the documents in front of you.


Should Your Business Join a Networking Group?

In short, yes. Taking advantage of networking opportunities is vital to business success and with Connex being the cheapest if not the cheapest networking group in the northwest it is a good way to kick start that journey.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should be involved in a networking group, here are just some of the benefits to consider:


  • It widens and strengthens your business connections: Networking allows you to build a professional network based on trust and mutual growth goals. For startups or new businesses in the home services industry, this is a great way to grow by partnering with other professionals who can introduce you to key players and help build your clientele.
  • It can lead to referrals and increased business: Small business networking grants the opportunity to grow customers through referrals from trusted sources. This ultimately increases your chance for a new customer.
  • You can get fresh ideas from your peers: Your network will be varied with both young professionals and older ones, carrying different experiences. Some may already be running a successful business, and others are just getting started. It provides a great learning opportunity and window into fresh perspectives you can apply to your home service business.
  • You can better understand industry trends, challenges, and opportunities: By frequently attending business networking events, you will be more on top of what’s happening in your industry. This will refine your business planning.
  • You will meet professionals in your industry who share the same passion: The contacts and business relationships you make will most likely be with professionals with similar goals and passions as yours. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and support each other.
  • You will gain communication skills and confidence: By actively networking, meeting new people, and pitching your business, you will build your interpersonal skills and grow more confident about your business. In the long run, this can help you build lasting relationships.


If you would like to attend a Pulse Connex meeting, the meetings take place at the Red hall Hotel, bury BL9 5NA. We hold our meetings twice a month on Thursdays. If you would like to attend:


Please contact Gemma on +447782543550


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