Networking Negotiation during COVID19 - Pulse Electrix Ltd
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Networking Negotiation during COVID19

Networking is much more than showing up, grabbing some free snacks, and distributing business cards. It is extremely popular in Property and Construction as it’s all about meeting people with your industry, sharing who you are and what you do, and gaining some valuable contacts to build strong working relationships on.

Unfortunately, this has been completely restricted during a pandemic and several lockdowns. What were all Business Development Teams supposed to do? How were companies supposed to build on their relationships and make new connections?

Gemma Stubbs – Business Development Manager joined Pulse Electrix team back in July 2020. Even though Pulse had been trading up to 10 years it was instantly noticed that we had been flying under the radar and not many people have heard of our services within the area. Gemma was brought on board to spread the word of Pulse Electrix and the brilliant reputation of electrical contracting we had on board. She was searching for different ways to reach others in the industry during the pandemic and decided upon herself to create several Free events within the Property and Construction Industry.

Gemma, What made you get creative and organise walks, quiz night and now networking mornings?

“Coming from a BD background I know how important it is to have a presence in the areas you are targeting and networking is a key part of this. I had to think outside of the box in how I can continue to do my Business Development Role to the best of my ability at a new job and whilst helping others along the way. It does take some time to arrange and set up the events but it is so rewarding sharing connections and seeing other connections happen from the events I have organised and see their creative project relationships blossom”

Pulse Electrix 1st Event – Snowdon Netwalk

Gemma wanted to take advantage of the freedom we had at the time back in October with the rumours of another lockdown occurring. Still wanting to keep within the social distancing and legal limits she organised a lovely hike following the Llanberis Path up Mount Snowdon with 6 other property and construction professionals. What a better way to bond, lean on each other whilst spending the day together climbing a mountain, as you do?

Lockdown Quiz Nights

Gemma followed the lockdown theme throughout but it was also really key for her to spread some positivity and fun through another lockdown as it was a lot harder during the winter period with shorter days and colder nights. After a company discussion, she organised 4 different quiz nights including Property and Construction, Disney, Music and ofcourse Christmas. These events allowed the individuals to unwind of an evening in one online space and have some fun with all property and construction industry connections. I believe Gin for the Win was her catch phrase…

Pulse Electrix Networking Coffee Morning

Wanting to switch things up in the new year and also wanting to give back even more, Gemma started to arrange a few pure networking events with the thought of a coffee and a chat to start your day. She simply spreads the word of the event through social media and then on the event day creates random breakout rooms with 5/6 people, so each individual essentially meets 10-12 new connections within an hour or catches up with friends they may have not seen in a while too. Our first coffee morning had 30 attendees and then increasing by more than double on our second event to hold 70 attendees.

Lockdown has allowed the industry to explore other avenues whether it be project based meetings or a networking opportunity to use online call solutions and continue all roles within the industry regardless of an global pandemic. Online calls like Zoom and Teams will be used more and more however nothing beats a face to face meeting to form and build on those relationships. These kind of pure networking events mentioned above, allow others to start communicating and when restrictions are lifted, allows those individuals to make warmer introductions in person.

In the words of Robin Sharma ‘The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection’

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