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Navigating Networking in the Property and Construction Industry During Lockdown and Beyond

Lockdown COVID19 Networking Event Relationships Property Construction

Navigating Networking in the Property and Construction Industry During Lockdown and Beyond

Navigating Networking in the Property and Construction Industry During Lockdown and Beyond

The Property and Construction Industry has always valued networking as a means to connect, exchange knowledge, and build relationships. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, traditional networking ground to a halt, leaving businesses and individuals wondering how to adapt and thrive in these challenging times.

In July 2020, Gemma Stubbs, a seasoned Business Development Manager, joined the Pulse Electrix team. Despite our impressive ten-year history in the Property and Construction Industry, Gemma recognized that our visibility could be greatly enhanced. Her mission was clear: raise awareness about Pulse Electrix and our stellar reputation in electrical contracting services. However, the pandemic presented a unique set of challenges, demanding creative and innovative approaches to connect with industry peers.

Gemma’s Innovative Approach

Gemma, what inspired your creative initiatives and the organization of events such as walks, quiz nights, and networking mornings?

“As someone with a strong background in Business Development, I understand the critical importance of establishing a strong presence in the areas we target. Networking is a vital part of this process. While organizing these events requires time and effort, the rewards are immense. Witnessing connections form and seeing creative project relationships flourish is incredibly satisfying.”

Pulse Electrix’s Inaugural Event: Snowdon Netwalk

In October, Gemma seized the opportunity to organize a picturesque hike along the Llanberis Path, leading up Mount Snowdon. Accompanied by six other professionals from the Property and Construction Industry, the day was filled with camaraderie and teamwork as they conquered the mountain together.

Lockdown Quiz Nights

The lockdown theme continued, injecting positivity and fun into the lives of professionals during the challenging winter months. Gemma organized four distinct quiz nights covering topics such as Property and Construction, Disney, Music, and, of course, Christmas. These virtual gatherings allowed participants to unwind and enjoy some light-hearted fun while strengthening connections within the Property and Construction Industry.

Pulse Electrix Networking Coffee Mornings

In the new year, Gemma introduced pure networking events in the form of casual coffee mornings. She utilized social media to promote these events and incorporated random breakout rooms during the gatherings. This format allowed participants to meet and interact with 10-12 new connections within the span of an hour, fostering new relationships and rekindling old ones.

While the lockdown forced the property and construction industry to explore alternative avenues, including project-based meetings and online networking, the value of face-to-face interactions remains unparalleled. The pure networking events described above serve as a valuable foundation for meaningful communication, paving the way for warmer introductions once in-person meetings become a reality again.

In the wise words of Robin Sharma, “The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” Pulse Electrix understands the significance of these connections and remains committed to forging strong ties within the Property and Construction Industry.

To learn more about our journey and commitment to excellence, explore our About page.

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