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Features of using motion sensors in lighting

Installation of Fan and motion sensor with light Bolton

Features of using motion sensors in lighting


You can turn the lighting on and off automatically, set up work scenarios for each individual case, and thereby significantly save energy consumption.

As soon as you enter the premises the lights will turn on. Once you have moved out of the sensor’s field of view, and no movement has been detected for a predetermined period of time, the lighting will turn off. As practice shows, this approach allows you to reduce your electricity consumption by upto 40-50% a month.




The principle operation of the motion sensor is extremely simple. Each of them has a built-in passive infrared sensor. As soon as movement appears in the field of view of the device, the circuit is automatically closed and the lighting turns on. Almost any motion sensor model has a built-in motion sensitivity setting. Using this setting, you can configure the device and prevent it from being triggered by unwanted activity in the area. For example, there is no need to turn on the light every time a cat enters the area.



The installation of a motion sensor can be used for both electrical and security use. For example, turning on the lights in your backyard can notify unwanted guests that someone is in the house. This can protect you from robbers or unwanted visitors.

Also, motion sensors are often used in the entrances of private houses. As soon as you drive up to the garage at night, the sensor can turn on the lights in the entrance,house or garage. It all depends on your specific needs and settings.


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Installation of Fan and motion sensor with light






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