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Summerwood – Illuminating Luxury Living



About This Project


Pulse Electrix, a renowned electrical services provider, has been entrusted with the electrical aspects of a prestigious project involving the construction of four luxury detached homes adjacent to the picturesque Leeds Liverpool Canal. This new build in summerwood, timber-framed development promises not only spacious and modern living spaces but also stunning views that accentuate the beauty of the surroundings.

Electrical Overview

The client, eager to ensure top-tier electrical solutions for their luxury homes, sought the expertise of Pulse Electrix to handle all aspects of electrical work during the construction phase. The project is currently underway, with Pulse Electrix actively contributing to the development’s success.

Job Description:

Pulse Electrix has taken on a comprehensive role in managing various electrical elements of the construction project. The job description includes but is not limited to:


Preparation and implementation of detailed electrical drawings to guide the installation process and ensure precision in wiring and connections.

LED Lighting and Power

Installation of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions throughout the homes, combining aesthetic appeal with sustainable and cost-effective power consumption.


Integration of cutting-edge aerial systems to provide seamless connectivity for entertainment and communication needs within the homes.

Sub Mains

Establishment of efficient sub-mains to distribute electrical power effectively and safely across the entire development.

Electrical Shower

Implementation of high-quality electrical shower systems, combining functionality, safety, and modern design for an enhanced bathing experience.

Outside Lighting

Strategic placement and installation of outdoor lighting solutions to illuminate pathways, gardens, and communal areas, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

EV Charger

Integration of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points to cater to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

Outside Power

Provision of outdoor power outlets for various applications, such as garden equipment, outdoor entertainment, and other practical needs.

Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the project, Pulse Electrix encountered and successfully addressed various challenges, ensuring that each aspect of the electrical work met the highest standards of quality and safety. From adapting to the unique timber frame construction to optimizing the layout for maximum efficiency, Pulse Electrix demonstrated agility and expertise in overcoming challenges.


As a result of Pulse Electrix’s dedicated efforts and expertise, the electrical aspects of the luxury homes project have been seamlessly integrated, contributing to the overall success of the construction. The combination of innovative solutions and attention to detail ensures that the homes not only meet but exceed the expectations of the client and future residents.


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