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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions of installation, repair and services.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the installation, repair and service shall be subject to the following terms & conditions.



  • “Services” means the engineering and associated services relating to the Customer’s Equipment as set out in the proposal specified in our quotation or other agreed documents or discussions between us.
  • “We”, “us” “Our” and “Pulse” mean Pulse Electrix Ltd services to you.
  • “You” and “your” mean the person or company to which we are providing Services.
  • “Customer’s Equipment” means the equipment or material belonging to you, or for which you request us to provide services.


Incorporation of Terms & Conditions

  • a) Any contract or agreement to do work made between you and us shall be subject to these conditions, and any terms you put forward do not apply.
  • b) All other terms & conditions which might be implied by conduct or a previous course of dealing or trade custom are excluded from this contract.
  • c) No amendment or change shall be made to these terms & conditions



Our quotation is an initial estimate, not binding until we officially accept your order.

We presume the requested work is achievable. If it isn’t, we’ll notify you and potentially suggest alternatives. In case you ask for general repairs without specifying details, we may carry out essential work and invoice you.

If you order within 30 days, the quoted price remains fixed. Delayed orders consider changes in costs. You’re responsible for costs in case of delays.

We invoice all work at your request, including exploratory tasks. We may require overtime, and you’ll cover the cost.

Work on Site

For on-site Services, you must provide unimpeded access, secure storage, and protection for our equipment. Additional facilities like electricity may be needed. You must ensure site safety, adhering to Health and Safety at Work Legislation. You will indemnify us for legal and regulatory costs from your failure to do so.



Unless we agree otherwise, we will send you a full invoice upon Service completion, due for payment within 3 days of dispatch. Payments in pounds Sterling.


Designs Drawings and Specifications

You are accountable for the accuracy of designs and data provided for the Services, even if we examine or comment on them. You will indemnify us against any third-party liability resulting from the Services conducted according to your instructions or data.



We will exercise reasonable care with Customer’s Equipment in our custody. We’ll rectify damage due to our negligence, liability limited to replacement value.

Our work will meet reasonable standards with suitable, defect-free materials. Defective work or materials can be rectified within six months in writing, limited to invoice value.

We’re not responsible for other losses, such as profit or production, except as required by law. You must reinstall, examine, and test the Equipment after our work, and we’re not liable for damage or costs due to improper reinstallation or delayed testing.



For Equipment transportation, in case of loss or damage during transit from any cause, our liability is limited to replacing the Equipment or insurance benefits. We are not liable for other losses, like production or profit loss.

We’re not responsible for transit damage unless you and the carriers are informed within seven days of delivery. You must inspect the goods upon receipt.

Unless otherwise arranged, loading or offloading of goods during collection or return is your responsibility and at your expense and risk.


Termination of this Contract

We can end this Contract for your breaches, giving you seven days to resolve. Immediate termination can occur with bankruptcy, insolvency, or creditor arrangements. Corporations can terminate with a receiver or administrator. Partnerships end if dissolved. Insolvency proceedings allow us to terminate.

Upon termination, we can retrieve our equipment. You’re responsible for unpaid sums, work up to termination, and Contract breaches.

Limitation of Liability

We acknowledge liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, employees, or agents. Defect liability may be governed by the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Excluding warranty and transportation terms:

– Our maximum liability for direct loss, even due to negligence, won’t exceed your total payment or a court-determined sum, up to £100,000.
– We won’t be liable for indirect losses, such as contract or production losses, even if due to negligence.

These limits apply to all claims, except death, personal injury, or goods defects.

These conditions’ restrictions are reasonable, considering the Contract’s value. For higher liability, an extra charge may cover increased risk and insurance costs.

Force Majeure

We will not be liable to you for any failure to perform our obligations under this Agreement where that failure results from any cause outside our reasonable control, including but not limited to natural occurrences, disruption of power supplies, the action of third parties or industrial action.



In case of service disputes we can’t resolve, we’ll involve an expert. We’ll try to choose one together, or the Institute of Electrical Engineers President will appoint one. The expert’s report is final. Fees are per the expert’s guidance.


Unless we specify otherwise, this Contract lists all payment amounts exclusive of Value Added Tax (which we will charge at the prevailing rate during the applicable tax point) and any other tax or duty imposed under relevant legislation.


Assignment/Third Parties

You will not assign your rights under this Agreement without our express written approval. We may sub-contract the provision of certain of the Services at our discretion. No third party shall acquire any rights under this Contract except as specifically stated in these conditions.



Both parties must use written communication, including email or fax, for notifications. Use the address in our documents for contact. We’ll send notices to your order address. Facsimiles are deemed delivered the next working day; first-class post, in two working days.


Our prior or implied notifications regarding your non-compliance with this Agreement will not hinder us from enforcing these obligations at a later time. Furthermore, any waiver we provide should not be interpreted as waiving your future failure to meet this or any other obligation. We reserve our rights to enforce this Agreement as needed.

Whole Agreement

This Contract is our complete agreement for Services, replacing prior correspondence. It supersedes statements in our ads or literature.



If one part of this Agreement is found invalid, it won’t affect the rest, which remains valid and enforceable.


This is Agreement is governed by English Law


For further information on our Terms & Conditions please call our office line on  01706614580 or alternatively you can email us at admin@pulseelectrix.co.uk. 

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