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Electrical Containment Work: Ensuring Neat and Efficient Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical containment work is a critical aspect of installing a business’s electrical infrastructure. It involves the use of various cable management components to support cables, provide easy maintenance access, and create aesthetically pleasing installations. At Pulse Electrix, we prioritize bespoke solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.



Cable Ladder & Cable Trays

Cable ladders are slotted rail structures used to contain wiring from the low voltage distribution switch room. They provide a sturdy and reliable means of transporting energy to its end location, whether it’s an office, warehouse, or retail space. Additionally, cable trays are installed to support and manage cables, ensuring a well-organized electrical system.


Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a variant of cable trays that offer a lighter and easier-to-install option for containing lighter cabling, such as data cabling for businesses. They provide a practical and flexible solution for managing cables while maintaining a clean and tidy installation.



Conduit is robust tubing, usually PVC or steel, for protecting and routing electrical wiring in businesses. At Pulse Electrix, we choose between rigid and flexible conduit to match our specific electrical containment projects.


Trunking Variants

Our electrical containment work encompasses various types of trunking to cater to different needs:


  1.  Mini & Maxi Trunking: These rectangular PVC trunking options find common use in data cabling, fibre cabling, or power installations.
  2. Compartment Trunking: Featuring at least two compartments, this type of trunking offers a discreet installation alternative, often disguised as skirting, dado rails, or cornices.
  3. Floor Trunking: Specially adapted for installation within floor voids, floor trunking comes with two or more compartments to efficiently manage cable routing.
  4. At Pulse Electrix, we actively pursue excellence in electrical containment work. We ensure cables receive robust support, maintain easy accessibility for maintenance, and keep them neatly organized. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet each project’s specific requirements, thereby contributing to creating a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure for businesses.

To find out more about our electrical services, please call us on 01706 614580 or email



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