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Outdoor Power

Outdoor Power Supply Installation: Ensuring Safety and Compliance


Pulse Electrix engineers are experts in installing outdoor cables in gardens, backyards, and amenity areas. We understand the importance of safety when it comes to outdoor cables, which are at an increased risk of damage and pose fire safety hazards. To ensure a safe and reliable outdoor power supply, it is crucial to entrust the installation of cables and sockets to professionals like us.


Meeting Standards for Impact Protection

Our engineers adhere to all standards for impact protection when installing external wiring. For cables laid underground, we select wiring systems that provide adequate mechanical protection, such as using armoured steel wire cables or running cables in conduit. We carefully lay cables in a manner that minimizes the risk of impact, preventing potential damage and ensuring long-term functionality.


Outdoor Power Solutions

Pulse Electrix specializes in installing shielded cables suitable for surface mounting, ensuring they can withstand contact with corrosive or polluting substances, including water. Our surface mount systems are designed to suit their specific mounting positions, offering durability and reliability in various outdoor environments.


Underground Cable Installation

When installing underground cables, our engineers pay close attention to safety measures. We appropriately mark and lay the cables at a sufficient depth in relation to the finished ground level. This ensures that the cables are protected from potential damage caused by digging or construction work, providing a secure and long-lasting power supply solution.


Our Approach: From Project Planning to High-Quality Installation

At Pulse Electrix, we follow a comprehensive approach to outdoor power supply installation. The process starts with careful project planning, ensuring that the customer’s needs and preferences are considered. Our team obtains customer approval before proceeding with the installation. We prioritize high-quality installation, customization, and provide assistance in preparing all necessary documents.


Safety and Compliance as Our Top Priorities

With Pulse Electrix, you can rest assured that your outdoor power supply is installed with the highest standards of safety and compliance. Our experienced engineers work diligently to deliver outdoor power solutions that meet your specific requirements and withstand the challenges of outdoor environments.

For expert outdoor power supply installation, trust Pulse Electrix to provide reliable, efficient, and safe solutions. Contact us today to schedule your project and ensure a secure and efficient outdoor power supply for your premises.

To find out more about our electrical services, please call us on 01706 614580 or email admin@pulseelectrix.co.uk



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