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One of our passions at Pulse Electrix is designing and installing the electrical wiring, heating and lighting systems in new buildings, developments and renovations. 



We work with all types of properties – Site developments, barn conversions and large detached houses to apartment blocks.

Being involved at the design stage of a project we are able to issue full digital CAD drawings if needed. It also allows us, the architects and the builders or principle contractors to understand how we can make the most of the project and bring it to life. We have the capability, skill and experience required to design bespoke systems for each individual project or building type.



We are fully accredited and insured and each property is supplied with the following completion documents: 

  • O & M (operation and maintenance manuals) are issued upon completion.
  • Compliance certification which includes electrical certification.


As we are NAPIT approved contractors we are able to register all works with building control directly without having to use a third party.




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