Fire alarms - Pulse Electrix Ltd
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Pulse Electrix Ltd are specialist Fire and Security Contractors, providing fire safety and security installations to domestic and commercial properties across the north west.

We work with clients of all sizes from domestic homes to nationwide brands to provide a complete professional and quality service.

Pulse Electrix Ltd have an extensive range of satisfied domestic and commercial clients across all sectors. Our engineers are FIA (Fire Industry Association) trained.



Design, Installation, maintenance and servicing of conventional & Addressable systems.

A reliable, effective and compliant Fire Alarm System is a sensible and essential piece of equipment to protect life and property.

We can provide assurance that systems are working to the highest standards to BS5839.



Design, Installation, maintenance and servicing of lighting systems.

In the event of a power outage, fire or event affecting the power supply to your property, you need to confident that the emergency lighting system is suitable and sufficient to ensure the easy and quick evacuation.

We can provide assurance that systems are installed and working to the correct standard within BS 5266





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