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Fire alarms

Installing Fire Alarms in North West: Safeguarding Life and Property



Fire Alarms & Security Solutions by Pulse Electrix Ltd

Pulse Electrix Ltd Experts in fire alarms and security installations for homes and businesses in the North West. We provide top-notch services to clients of all sizes, ensuring every project gets expert care.


Fire Alarms: Ensuring Reliable and Compliant Systems

We provide a full suite of Fire Alarm services: design, installation, maintenance, and servicing for conventional and Addressable systems. A dependable Fire Alarm System is crucial for life and property protection. Our FIA-trained engineers ensure systems meet BS5839 standards through meticulous design and installation.

Emergency Lights: Ensuring Safe Evacuation

In times of power outages, fires, or events that affect the power supply, it is crucial to have a reliable emergency lighting system for easy and quick evacuation. Our expert team provides design, installation, maintenance, and servicing of emergency lighting systems, ensuring they meet the appropriate standards within BS 5266. With Pulse Electrix Ltd, you can have full confidence in the effectiveness and sufficiency of your emergency lighting system.


Our Promise: Delivering Excellence

Pulse Electrix Ltd takes pride in its extensive portfolio of satisfied domestic and commercial clients across all sectors. We are committed to delivering a professional and quality service, ensuring that every fire and security system we install operates at the highest standards, providing the utmost protection for life and property.


Furthermore, for dependable Fire and Security installations in the North West, look no further than Pulse Electrix Ltd. Our FIA-trained engineers and comprehensive services guarantee a safe and secure environment for your premises. Contact us today for expert advice and a tailored solution to your fire and security needs.

To find out more about our electrical services, please call us on 01706 614580 or email



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